Below is a brief selection of Energy Innovations’ client feedback. To see more testimonials and to look at a range of our biomass boiler installations in detail, please visit our case studies.

Shobdon Court (Gilles HPK-RA Domestic Wood Chip Boiler 85kW)

‘Since the installation of our Gilles boiler by Energy Innovations we have had years of trouble free operation and have not had to revert to using our old gas boilers at any time. Even through one very cold winter, when the temperature did not rise above -7˚C for over 7 days and fell to as low as -18˚C, the boiler maintained the temperature at a comfortable level in our old and poorly insulated house. The fact that the only time the boiler has stopped producing heat is when we have forgotten to check the chip supply and have found it has run out (!), is an indication of how little attention the boiler needs. The day to day operation and maintenance required really is minimal. When the boiler has required attention or servicing the service from Energy innovations, this has been prompt and efficient.’

Rotherfield Park, main house and six estate cottages (Gilles HPKI-K 550kW Industrial Wood Chip Boiler)

‘When I was looking for a firm to install a new boiler, I inspected a number of set-ups and each time asked the owner whether he would use the same firm again. They all said no until I got to Energy innovations. That was the clincher for me […] if I were asked the same question today I would give the answer I got then.’

St Helens Rugby Stadium (Gilles HPKI-K Industrial Wood Pellet Boiler 240kW)

‘Energy Innovations won the contract to supply and install a biomass boiler in our new stadium […] After making contact with them, I was given the opportunity to look at several of their installations to help me decide what would be most suitable [fuel] for our particular needs. The decision was eventually made and the installation was completed. […] Energy Innovations did a first class installation and provided us with good support and advice. I would recommend them to any prospective installation regarding biomass.’

Poultry Installation, (Gilles HPKI-R Industrial 360kW & 550kW)

‘Energy Innovations recently completed a biomass project at our poultry farm. The quality of the components used, together with their knowledge and expertise throughout the installation, has been faultless. Continued support from the company during the early operating stages has been much appreciated – a very sound and professional team.’