How Does Biomass Generate Electricity?

Most people know that biomass boilers burn wood chip or pellets to provide heating and hot water, but did you know that biomass boilers can also be used to produce steam? The steam can be used to generate electricity, which makes it ideal for many industries including manufacturers, poultry farms, glasshouses, brewers, mills, hospitals, prisons, hotels, spas, stadiums and many more.  Cost-effective combined heat and power (CHP) systems tend to have boilers that are 1 MW or larger. The sheer size of these systems mean that other types of fuel such as poultry litter can be used.

Our biomass boiler systems here at Energy Innovations provide heat to over 330 sites, all over the UK. This helps businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and provides an attractive return on investment.

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There are a number of things to be taken into account when choosing your system, including the initial capital cost. Although the capital cost of installing a biomass boiler system can be considered to be high, government schemes such as the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) mean that the costs can be gained back over a number of years and in most cases a considerable return on investment can be achieved. RHI is paid at 4.1p per kWh on heat generated, whereas ROCs is paid at 13.24p per kWh on electricity generated, meaning that companies can claim two payments.

Other considerations include availability and location of fuel, as well as storage capacity. Think about what size boiler is needed to meet the requirements of your process, how much fuel will be needed, how often and where it can be stored. It’s also important to ensure that you source good quality fuel in order to maximise efficiency and meet certain standards for eligibility for government subsidies.

At Energy Innovations we work closely with our suppliers to provide large scale solutions for hot water, steam and combined heat and power (CHP).

Biomass for Process Heat. Click here to contact us for a chat about your requirements.