Bob’s Reflections on Biomass

Bob Miles, Project Manager at Energy Innovations, reflects on his experience of biomass.

During my time with the company, I have been privileged to visit many of our clients in their beautiful homes throughout the country.  My role as Project Manager presents many daily challenges but engaging with happy customers at the end of each project is extremely satisfying.

Before joining Energy Innovations I had previous experience of working with bio fuels and this was a concept that was of interest to me. Reliance on fossil fuels was a concern and therefore the opportunity to work with biomass heating systems was of great interest, plus wood chip smells a lot nicer than diesel fuel.

As I have always worked with high quality equipment and installations, it was also important that Energy Innovations used the same standard of equipment, so I am really pleased to be working with high quality Gilles and Weiss boilers and fuel feed systems.

It is also great working with a team of dedicated and experienced engineers and administration staff.