Climate Change is a Serious Issue

Climate change is a serious issue and it’s happening right now. At Energy Innovations, we are pioneers of biomass renewable energy heating systems. 10 years ago only 1% of energy came from renewable sources in the UK; today 5% of our energy comes from renewable sources – with an EU target of 15% by 2020. At Energy Innovations we are striving to achieve this target. Not only will an increase in renewable energy help reach this target, it will also help the economy through investment in low carbon technologies, infrastructure and create more jobs. More importantly you can receive an income for twenty years through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is a government scheme set up to encourage the uptake of renewable heat amongst households and businesses through financial rewards.

RHI. Click here to contact us for a chat about how you can benefit.

For the 2020 climate change target to be met, biomass can potentially provide 14%-21% of the green energy that will be needed. As the leading suppliers of woodchip and wood pellet boilers, we at Energy Innovations will be at the forefront of such innovative design to help you get energy at a lower cost and receive an income for twenty years, along with being carbon neutral. There are many benefits of using biomass heating systems in industry. Poultry farms and glasshouse growers are just two industries that can benefit greatly from our boilers; longer growing seasons equal more profits.

It’s an ethical business that not only saves you money; it also helps the UK achieve the 2020 carbon reduction targets. The RHI has both domestic and non domestic incentive schemes, which enable low cost conversion to biomass energy with us at Energy Innovations.

As of the 5th of October the government will be introducing new sustainability criteria for installations using biomass fuels such as wood chip and wood pellets, which further shows the importance of moving towards a greener, less polluted world. We all know we have to make a change and it has to happen now. At Energy Innovations, we are a leader of biomass boiler system installations in the UK and we help our clients meet the OFGEM criteria and therefore achieve RHI accreditation.

The climate change issue isn’t going away, but the RHI continues to dwindle.

RHI. Click here to contact us for a chat about how you can benefit.