Come on and muck in …

Known more for his suave styles, Project Development Engineer Jack took on a different look today sporting wellies and a hard hat.

This new fashion enabled Jack to attend his customer site and help the Energy Innovations engineers with the installation of district heating pipework. Originally the task was given to Jack by the project manager as a forfeit for underestimating the time needed to do the trenching, however the day proved a fabulous training opportunity.

“I have learnt things that can only be discovered by mucking in and getting my wellies dirty!  Not only do you NOT know exactly what lies beneath the ground (we discovered a brick built well), I now understand how tricky the pipes are to work with.  This will influence the way I design future biomass heating systems” explained Jack.

EI pipe fitter Aron said “He did really well and was a very useful pair of hands, we’re happy to welcome him back on site whenever he likes” an invitation that Jack probably won’t be accepting too quickly “I genuinely enjoyed myself but I hope to be sticking to my brogues in the future!”