Nine Reasons to Use a Biomass Boiler System from Energy Innovations to Heat Your Glasshouse

At Energy Innovations we provide domestic and industrial biomass boiler systems up to 5MW. Our biomass boiler systems are particularly well-suited to the horticultural industry and particularly glasshouse growers. In this article we outline nine reasons to use a biomass boiler system from Energy Innovations to heat your glasshouse.

Biomass for horticulture. Click here to contact us for a no obligation chat.

  1. Wealth of experience

At Energy Innovations we have extensive experience of installing large biomass boiler heating systems, including heating over 125,000m2 of glasshouses for a range of businesses in the horticultural sector. This includes intensive flower cropping, bedding plant producers and soft fruit growers. Our management team come from farming and horticultural backgrounds and are therefore uniquely placed to understand your requirements. We design bespoke systems to suit our client’s individual needs.

  1. Extended growing season

Our biomass boiler heating systems facilitate extending your growing season without breaking the bank.

  1. Good for climate change and carbon reduction

Reduce the carbon footprint of both you and your customers.

  1. Low cost

Reduce your heating bills. Biomass is a much cheaper alternative to oil and LPG.

  1. Return on Investment

Receive 15 – 25% return on investment, index-linked for 20 years, through the non-domestic Renewable Heat incentive scheme (RHI).

  1. Woodland / estate management

Our industrial sized boilers are capable of burning a wide range of low quality fuels including wet wood chip, miscanthus and arbicultural arisings. IED compliant plant is available.

  1. Growing environment

We will choose the best boiler and buffer size for your seasonal and daily heat load. We take time to understand your requirements and have the expertise, experience and technical equipment to meet those requirements, including taking into account fluctuating daily and seasonal heat loads for your glasshouses and tunnels.

  1. Alternative solutions

We will help you choose the best solution for your requirements. In some cases this will be a combined heat and power (CHP) system, while in others it may be one large centralised boiler heating a number of glasshouses or a number of smaller boilers each heating individual glasshouses and tunnels.

  1. State of the art boiler control

Our boilers can be easily controlled by you. We can also access the control panel remotely if necessary. Additional features include automatic SMS and email fault notifications.

At Energy Innovations we have vast experience and a wealth of expertise when it comes to heating glasshouses. You can extend your growing season, reduce energy bills and receive a return on investment of 15 – 25%.


Biomass for horticulture. Click here to contact us for a no obligation chat.