South West Office Opens

Energy Innovations is proud to announce the opening of our new South West office, based near Wimborne in Dorset. The office will lead Energy Innovations’ operations in Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset and Devon.

The new office will be run by Richard Treloar, formerly of the West office and highly experienced in our biomass technology and systems. Having grown up in Wiltshire, he also has strong family links to Cornwall and Dorset. From an agricultural engineering background, Richard has worked in the renewables industry for seven years, joining Hillgreen Energy (later to become Energy Innovations West) in 2009.

 With the opening of the office, Richard will begin to build a strong regional base for Energy Innovations in the South West, supporting the work of the flagship offices in Suffolk and Hereford, furthering the company’s interest in providing local service on a national basis. Richard’s aim is to found for clients in this region a trusted support network of local firms and contractors equivalent to those currently available to the East and West offices, an aspiration we feel will particularly benefit his rural clients.

 The new office will also offer clients in this region the security of locally available maintenance support from Energy Innovations, improving both capacity and response times.

 Energy Innovations is excited and pleased to be expanding to this level a company that began with only three people in 2006 and looks forward to the first of what will undoubtedly be many projects managed by the new Energy Innovations South West office.