Staff Profile of the Month – Bob Miles

Bob Miles has been working with us as a Project Manager at Energy Innovations for almost three years. He started his career when he served as Mechanical Technical Apprentice working in conveyors and mechanical handling equipment. Bob moved on to a structural steelwork company and then into a bulk fuel storage tank manufacturer where he stayed for 27 years. During that time he sat on several technical committees at the British Standards Institute and was involved in writing both British and European manufacturing standards.

For pleasure Bob enjoys driving his 300Tdi Land Rover Discovery off-road, especially over the Welsh Mountains close by and through green lanes, accompanied by Polly his trusted Spaniel. He is a member of the Herefordshire 4×4 Response Group, a group of 4×4 owners who assist the statutory and voluntary agencies in emergency situations during extreme weather conditions, as well as a Community First Responder with the West Midlands Ambulance Service.  He is called upon to respond to 999 calls local to our home base where life threatening or life changing situations exist.

All the information he receives when he’s mobilised is a simple one or two word text such as “Generally Ill”, “Unconscious” or “Cardiac Arrest”. As you can imagine this gets the adrenalin going as Bob and the team don’t really know what to expect when they arrive on scene. Bob says that “Although I do encounter some quite traumatic situations it can be a very rewarding experience.”

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