Poultry Farm Biomass Heating Systems

Why a Biomass system from Energy Innovations is the compelling choice for Poultry Farmers

At Energy Innovations we have extensive experience of heating broiler sheds using biomass systems. We have a successful track record of working with large boilers up to 5MW, as well as delivering large scale turnkey systems. In this article we outline why a biomass system from Energy Innovations is the best option to heat your poultry sheds.

Biomass systems for poultry farms. Click here for more information.

  1. Over 200 poultry sheds heated:  Energy Innovations’ biomass experience means you can be assured of a high standard of expertise when we deal with your poultry business.
  2. Improved growing environment of your birds: We have had reports of up to 30% increase in productivity from the growers we’ve worked with, after their biomass systems have been installed.
  3. Reduced running costs: The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers a secure, index linked income for 20 years. This delivers a 15 – 25% return on investment.
  4. Reduced risk of pododermatitis: Biomass heating is particularly suited to poultry farming, drier heat results in better, drier litter condition and reduced risk of pododermatitis.
  5. Lower humidity environment: created by biomass heating, compared to LPG gas heating. To achieve this and still maintain the number of air changes, which cause the CO2 levels to rise, the air temperature coming from the heaters must be as high as possible in order to absorb the optimal amount of moisture, which in turn allows the incoming ventilation air to be reduced.
  6. High system outputs with maximised efficiencies in district mains: With steel district heating pipes capable of carrying water at over 95C and the automatic control of temperature and flow in district mains, our clients have the ability to reach maximum flow temperatures at times of high ambient humidity, whilst also trimming back temperatures and flow rates at warmer times of year to minimise heat losses and pumping costs.
  7. Heater selection: We have installed a broad range of heater systems, including Revannta, Dacs, Draper, Spiraflex and underfloor; all are easily integrated with our systems and we can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your sheds.
  8. Remote monitoring and alarms: Our boiler control systems are set up for remote access to enable us to work with you in fine tuning your boiler performance when fuel qualities change. Automatic SMS and email fault notifications are also installed as per individual site requirements.
  9. WID compliant plant is available: Working with our different suppliers we are in a position to offer fully WID compliant solutions.
  10. Full range of fuel specifications: Our biomass systems are capable of burning a wide range of fuels including wet wood chip, miscanthus and litter. Our litter fuelled boilers have been developed to meet the regulations that permit the on farm combustion of chicken litter under specific conditions.
  11. Combined heat and power (CHP) biomass boilers: The ability to generate electricity on site in addition to producing heat gives growers the ability to put themselves in control of the significant on site electrical costs. Our CHP systems are robust and offer excellent additional returns on larger sites.

If you’re a poultry farmer and you’d like see a ROI from your biomass system of up to 25%, as well as experience up to 30% increase in productivity, contact us now for more information and a chat about your requirements.


Biomass systems for poultry farms. Click here for more information.