Biomass Boilers for Homes

Energy Innovations is experienced in wood biomass heating for homes. Gilles make an excellent range of wood chip and wood pellet boilers for homes, which can also be used for other small scale biomass heating applications.

Gilles’ fully automatic domestic wood chip and wood pellet biomass boilers are market leaders in performance and reliability. Suited to biomass heating for homes, domestic hot water and small scale biomass heating for business, the Gilles domestic boiler range offers several different compatibilities.

Alongside wood chip and wood pellet, Gilles’ domestic biomass boilers can also burn logs and briquettes, making these boilers an excellent choice for small scale biomass heating systems, offering a sensible green heating solution to wood biomass heating for homes. Energy Innovations will assess the suitability of your biomass heating system for wood chip or wood pellet and advise on the best solution.

The intention when converting to a domestic biomass heating system is always to replace the existing heat source while keeping disturbances to the existing water flow, pressure and temperature conditions to an absolute minimum, where possible.

What Does ‘Domestic’ Mean?

Here, the term ‘domestic’, in relation to Gilles wood chip and wood pellet boilers, means any system with a heat load of under 150kW. An Energy Innovations system running a Gilles ‘domestic’ biomass boiler may still be eligible as ‘non-domestic’ for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), if more than one dwelling is heated by the system.

Wood Chip Boilers

Gilles wood chip boilers run on bulkier, cheaper fuel and tend to suit larger domestic heating systems. Wood chip heating for homes is most efficient in larger houses, estates, farms or schools. Conversion to wood chip heating is simplest for situations with plenty of outside space, outbuildings with potential to be converted into boiler house and fuel store and in an easy location for HGV fuel deliveries.

Wood Pellet Boilers

Gilles wood pellet boilers run on a fuel far less bulky than wood chip and with a higher calorific value, suiting wood pellet systems to small scale biomass heating systems such as medium homes with perhaps one or no heated outbuildings.

Touch Control Panel

For our Domestic Range of boilers, Energy Innovations use a Gilles Touch control panel, an intelligent control with a modern touch screen. Internet connection to the Gilles Touch panel allows access and maintenance of the entire system from any computer. It gives instant access from your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to adjust the specifics of the heatload from afar, in preparation for changing or impromptu requirements.

Gilles Domestic HPK-RA (Wood Chip and Wood Pellet Boilers)

  • Gilles’ manufacturing process ensures minimum residual weld stress, to maximise the strength and mechanical life of the wood chip or wood pellet boiler
  • Gilles wood chip and wood pellet boilers operate at above 90% efficiency down to 30% of their nominal output
  • Gilles domestic biomass boilers feature automatic ignition, heat exchanger cleaning and ash removal
  • Suitable for wood chips or wood pellets, logs and briquettes
  • Gilles cell wheel technology eliminates risk of burn-back and regulates wood chip size
  • Market leading control and modulation with the Gilles Touch control panel
  • Automatic heating system status notification via SMS and email
  • Visualisation of your home’s domestic biomass heating system and controls operation available via a web connected device
  • Energy Innovations bespoke fuel storage and feed system design and manufacture, giving your domestic biomass heating system tailor-made efficiency.

Where space or time is limited, we can supply Gilles domestic biomass boilers as pre-installed containerised domestic heating systems which can be plugged into your existing system.