Biomass Boilers for Industry

Energy Innovations offer a comprehensive range of fully automatic biomass boilers which offer a clean and effective solution for industrial heating systems or the supply of combined heat and power.

For industrial applications, our chosen suppliers are Gilles (GILLES Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG) and Polytechnik (Polytechnik Luft- und Feuerungstechnik).  Both companies are based in Austria and offer ranges of boilers that are specifically designed for use in industrial systems with high energy demands. Both companies combine traditional heavy engineering with sophisticated modern control technology.

Remote Access System

Energy Innovations uses Fireview and Teamviewer remote access software to observe industrial biomass heating system parameters and assess any issues arising under operation. The client, or an Energy Innovations’ engineer, can connect remotely to the boiler, diagnose any faults and propose potential solutions, saving the client any unnecessary engineer call out fees. When an engineer is required, remote access can aid progress by assisting with pre-visit diagnostics.

A broadband connection is required at the point of installation.

Gilles Industrial “HPKI” Biomass Boilers

(wood chip, wood pellet and other biomass boilers)

Gilles’ manufacturing process ensures minimum residual weld stress, to maximise the strength and mechanical life of the industrial biomass boiler.

  • Moving or static grate combustion furnace
  • Gilles industrial biomass boilers operate at over 90% efficiency
  • Automatic ignition, grate ash and cyclone flue gas dust removal
  • Automatic pneumatic air blast heat exchanger cleaning
  • Gilles’ cell wheel technology eliminates risk of burn-back and regulates wood chip size
  • Internet connection to control panel enables remote access and adjustment
  • Status notification via SMS and email
  • Efficiently burn fuels with a 10-40% moisture content
  • Bespoke industrial fuel storage and transfer system design and manufactured by Energy Innovations’ Design Engineers

Gilles Industrial “HPKI-R” Biomass Boilers Moving Grate

(wood chip, wood pellet and other biomass boilers)

These fully automatic commercial biomass boilers feature the same specifications as the static grate boilers but are suitable for the combustion of dry and wet biomass fuels such as sawmill residue, arboricultural arisings and other biomass products, offering flexibility in fuel choice. For those wanting to minimise fuel costs in the highest energy demand situations, these automatic industrial biomass boilers offer an effective long-term solution to commercial heating needs.

The hydraulically-driven moving step grate facilitates prolonged combustion of these traditionally difficult other biomass fuel where moisture content and clinker build-up can be problematic. The HPKI-R boiler efficiently burns biomass fuel with up to 55% moisture content, consistently achieving rated output.


Polytechnik Industrial Biomass Boilers (1MW+)

Polytechnik specialise in the production of boilers over 1MW and for the combustion of more challenging fuel types (including poultry manure).

Each Polytechnik Boiler is a fully ‘tailored’ solution ranging in size from 1MW to 30MW.

Advanced emission control and heat recovery ensure highest efficiencies and minimal environmental impact.

Each boiler is designed for a specific biomass fuel and heating medium (water, steam or thermal oil) and either a heat only or combined heat and power (CHP) application.