Alkerton Oaks (450kW)

Green business park heated with wood chip from estate woodland

Biomass boiler model:

Biomass fuel:
G50, W30 woodchip, sourced from the estate

Fuel store:
Four sided store within existing building

Special features:
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance via broadband
  • District heating
  • Energy efficient pumps and thermostatic controllers

Alkerton Oaks Business Park, just north of Banbury is situated within the grounds of a two thousand acre working Estate within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Estate has converted redundant buildings for use as commercial premises and offices – these form Alkerton Oaks Business Park. This provides an opportunity for other businesses to let green, commercial space. The environmentally friendly credentials of Alkerton Oaks is an attractive and powerful marketing tool to secure tenants who are keen to demonstrate that their businesses are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Estate woodlands will be used to provide the fuel for Alkerton Oaks Business Park as well as for other Gilles biomass boilers within the Estate.

 The Boiler

The Gilles 450kW industrial boiler installed at Alkerton Oaks is fully automated in terms of heat exchanger cleaning and ash removal. The only intervention required by the client is to empty the ash bin once a month and to fill the fuel store.

The Gilles advanced combustion control system allows the boiler to modulate efficiently to match heating and hot water demands even at times of low demand, i.e. during the summer. The unique underfeed stoking system of the Gilles HPKI-K range means that the boiler is more than capable of burning wood fuel on the margins of the specification that would otherwise be wasted by the Estate.

 The Boiler Room and Fuel Store

The boiler room and store are located in a purpose built barn adjacent to the main development and are designed to facilitate easy fuel delivery whilst minimising impact on tenants.

The store is constructed from concrete panels allowing for a quick yet robust build.  Whilst the main fuel store constitutes 107m³ of storage the remainder of the barn may also be used, adding around 440m³ of potential storage for the woodchip.

 District Heating Main

The system is designed to heat five different units simultaneously, and this was achieved through installing an underground network of pre-insulated pipes. The system has been designed to have capacity for expansion within the site in the future with minimal disruption to existing tenants.

 Remote Maintenance and Fireview

The system can be remotely monitored and adjusted by Energy Innovations thanks to the implementation of Fireview software and a suitable broadband connection.

In the event of technical queries from the user, Energy Innovations can dial into the system from their offices and review operational parameters and settings, making changes if necessary, without having to go to the site.


With the financial backing of the government based Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), this installation would be eligible to receive in the region of £36,967.70 per annum. Tariff payments to all RHI beneficiaries will be carried out over a 20 year period to encourage users to operate and maintain their equipment over the tariff duration. The level of payment is fixed however it is subject to inflation using the Retail Price Index.