Crogen – 150kW Woodchip

A privately owned 2500 acre rural estate in North Wales. The estate is a popular venue for weddings, social events and winter shoots.

What is being heated:
  • Main house Approx. 15 beds
  • Coach House Holiday let 8 beds

Previous heating fuel:
Oil & Log Boilers

Biomass boiler model:
HPK-RA 160 (150kW)

Biomass fuel:
Woodchip self-produced G30

Fuel store:
Converted barn, approx. 220m³ (30 tonnes) with sweep collector

District mains:
Approx 220m of underground pipework connecting the two properties back to the boiler house

Fuel cost savings:

Crogen House and the Coach House previously had two separate Gilles 49kW Log Boilers with Oil backup and top-up systems.

The annual fuel savings are difficult to quantify. The residue of the oil heating costing approximately £4,000pa and the labour for the production of log wood has been replaced.

All of the wood chip is produced from a sustainable program operated by the estate.

Special features:

Site is listed dating from circa 1300s the family have been in residence since 1860s.