Mill Farm Poultry Unit – 995kW Woodchip

A state of the art Broiler unit made up of 8 x 2000m2 sheds, incorporating underfloor heating and Climatec air heating system

What is being heated:
  • 8 poultry sheds
  • Site office

Previous heating fuel:
This is a new site but LPG would usually be used in this scenario and will provide the top up energy source

Biomass boiler model:
Weiss Multicrat 995kW biomass boiler

Biomass fuel:
Woodchip, G50, W50

Fuel store:
14m x 18m bulk store for receipt of walking floor deliveries c/w 10 x 4m hydraulic walking floor and chain and flight conveyor

District mains:
Isoplus steel underground heating mains can be operated at up to 100deg C, allowing efficient heat transfer out to the poultry sheds. This high quality system means that heat loss is minimal. Intelligent pump operation further improves the overall efficiency of the system.

Fuel cost savings:

The poultry unit would use around 500,000  – 600,000 litres of LPG per year.  The biomass system will operate to cover 90% of this heat load, with the LPG boilers operating to cover peak requirements and back-up the system.

Renewable Heat Incentive Income helps to offset the investment.