Modular Containerised Pellet Heat plant

30,000 Bird Site heated with system pre-built off-site

What is being heated:

5 poultry sheds

Biomass boiler model:
Gilles HPKI-K Under feed Pellet Boiler

Biomass fuel:
A1 Wood Pellets

Fuel store:
54m3 Pellet Silo taking deliveries of 25 tonnes

Fuel cost savings:

247 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Manufactured off site this wood pellet fuelled plant supplies all the heat for this 130,000 bird site.

The plant room was manufactured off site and delivered and commissioned, including the heaters and pipe work across the site, without disrupting the normal cropping program.

A single high capacity silo accepts 25 tonne bulk deliveries of blown wood pellets. The Energy Innovations supplied boiler manufactured with proven technology by leading Austrian company Gilles Energie ensures the fuel is burnt with maximum efficiency and the 5 shed site has its full heat load met from the centralised plant room.

The Boiler

The 550kW Gilles HPKI-K boiler was chosen for its proven reliability, high levels of automation and ease of operation. The boiler is fully automated in terms of heat exchanger cleaning and ash removal. The only intervention required by the client is to empty the ash bin once a month and to fill the fuel store.

The Gilles advanced combustion control system allows the boiler to modulate efficiently to match heating and hot water demands even at times of low demand, i.e. during the summer. The underfeed stoking system of the Gilles HPKI-K range means that the boiler is more than capable of burning wood fuel on the margins of the specification.

Fuel storage

Fuel is stored in a purpose built bulk pellet silo capable of receiving 25 tonne deliveries. Blown deliveries are made during the course of the crop with no intervention required from the poultry managers
on site.

With a change in the fuel store, these boilers can also be run on woodchip if required.

Remote monitoring

The system can be remotely monitored and adjusted by Energy Innovations thanks to the implementation of Fireview software and a suitable broadband connection.

In the event of technical queries from the staff on site, Energy Innovations can dial into the system from their offices and review operational parameters and settings, making changes if necessary, without having to go to the site.



With financial backing of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), this installation is receiving in excess of £52,000 per annum. Payments to RHI beneficiaries will be paid over a 20 year period and are paid quarterly and in arrears based on actual energy consumption used. The level of payment is calculated based on installed capacity and the rates are index linked to the retail price index.