On farm combustion of chicken litter for heating

280,000 bird site burning chicken litter to heat 5 sheds

What is being heated:

5 poultry sheds

Biomass boiler model:
Polytechnik 998kw litter furnace with 998kW low temperature hot water (95C flow) boiler

Biomass fuel:
Chicken litter, untreated

Fuel store:
2 bay top loader, 720m3 of litter

Fuel cost savings:

1036 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Special features:

The Boiler, Fuel Handling System & Fuel Storage Barn are all designed to withstand the corrosive effect of chicken litter

All the litter produced from the 280,000 bird site is cleared directly from the 5 sheds at the end of the crop into 2 Toploader storage bunkers.

The Energy Innovations furnace and boiler manufactured with proven litter burning technology by leading Austrian company Polytechnik Luft-und Feuerungstechnik GmbH ensures the litter is burnt in compliance with all UK and EU legislation for the on farm burning of litter.

The Boiler
The boiler has been designed specifically to ensure the combustion complies with EU 592 / 2014: ‘the use of animal by-products and derived products as a fuel in combustion plants’. First commissioned over 10 years ago, this design ensures high nitrogen and high moisture content chicken litter is reliably and consistently burnt without exceeding the regulatory emission limits or reducing the life time of the heat exchanger when burning fuels which would otherwise cause a reduction in the life of components.

Fuel handing system
The Toploader fuel handing system has been in use by Energy Innovations for several years and the specification has been developed to suit the handling of chicken litter. The surfaces in contact with the litter are all stainless steel with the walls of the bunkers being fully sealed concrete. All other parts of the Toploader are hot dip galvanised.

The Toploader has the ability to stack litter to the full height of the store as it is delivered by tractors and trailers when the sheds are cleared at crop turnaround.

Fuel storage
The barn is designed specifically to resist the environmental pressures resulting from the storage of chicken litter in an enclosed building:
It is fully sealed and run at negative pressure to ensure any gaseous emissions from the litter are drawn through the boiler and burnt off at over 850°C;
The cladding in the barn is insulated and coated with a resistant coating. All steels are fully galvanised and all purlins are wooden (as Z purlins can corrode);
Personnel access is through a sealed changing area with integral showers to avoid risk of any diseases which may be in the litter of the previous crop being transferred to the next crop;
Full wash facilities are integral to the fuel store to ensure that any personnel entering the fuel store during a crop are fully showered and in clean clothes before leaving the area storing the previous crop’s litter.

Remote monitoring
All elements of the plant can be remotely monitored including cameras that can view the fuel store and the fire in the furnace. Energy Innovations provides a full and on-going support package for all of its installations across the UK.

This includes remote monitoring and service support packages that range from regular crop based services through to annual service and performance optimisation packages. These include all elements required to ensure your plant complies with APHA regulations for the burning of litter.