Shobdon Court (85kW)

An 85kW Gilles woodchip heating system was installed to heat Shobdon Court, an 8 bedroom family home, as well as 2 adjoining flats and a swimming pool.


What is being heated:
  • 8 bedroom family home
  • 2 adjoining flats
  • swimming pool

Biomass boiler model:
Gilles HPK-RA 85kW boiler

Biomass fuel:
G50, W30 Woodchip, locally sourced

Fuel store:
Purpose built, semi submerged store

Special features:
  •  Automatic ignition
  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Automatic ash removal

An 85kW Gilles woodchip heating system was installed to heat Shobdon Court, an 8 bedroom family home, as well as 2 adjoining flats and a swimming pool. The heat was previously provided by 2 gas boilers with electric storage heaters in the flats. The new boiler room is located 60 metres from the main house on the site of a disused store and the heat is piped to the house via an underground heating main.

The Boiler

The Gilles system was chosen for its high levels of automation, efficiency and modulation. The 85kW system is comfortably able to meet demands of the main house and flats whilst requiring no more supervision from the owner than the previous gas system, except for emptying the ash box every month.

The Fuel Store

The fuel store and boiler room were designed by Energy Innovations. Located away from the main house, the store is partially submerged below ground, which, combined with the sliding roof and hydraulic ramp, ensures that standard trailers can be used to deliver the fuel. The store will hold in excess of 55m³ of woodchip and accept large deliveries to fill up to 30m³. The semi-submerged nature of this store, whilst involving a higher initial investment, ensures that no specialist equipment or machinery will be required for future deliveries. The controls for the roof and ramp are located on the side of the store allowing a clear view and safe location for operation. The mechanism is powered by two hydraulic rams, allowing the store to be opened in a single operation, which is both quiet and swift.

Heat Distribution

The boiler room and store are located around 60 metres from the main property. The system uses ISOPEX heating mains to distribute heat, from which heat loss is minimal. Two heat exchangers are used, one at the main property and another for the swimming pool. Return temperature limiting valves and a variable flow pumping system serve to increase the efficiency of the heat distribution.

Client Testimonial

“Since the installation of our Gilles boiler by Energy Innovations we have had years of trouble free operation and have not had to revert to using our old gas boilers at any time. Even through one very cold winter, when the temperature did not rise above -7˚C for over 7 days and fell to as low as -18˚C, the boiler maintained the temperature at a comfortable level in our old and poorly insulated house.  The fact that the only time the boiler has stopped producing heat is when we have forgotten to check the chip supply and have found it has run out (!), is an indication of how little attention the boiler needs. The day to day operation and maintenance required really is minimal. When the boiler has required attention or servicing the service from Energy innovations, this has been prompt and efficient.’


With the financial backing of the government based Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), this installation would be eligible to receive in the region of £9,549.71 per annum. Tariff payments to all RHI beneficiaries will be carried out over a 20 year period to encourage users to operate and maintain their equipment over the tariff duration. The level of payment is fixed however it is subject to inflation using the Retail Price Index.