Why Biomass

Some of the initial major benefits to installing a biomass system include significant carbon savings, running cost savings, fuel security and reduced price volatility. At Energy Innovations we can help you make the most of these benefits through our developed understanding of biomass systems.

What is it?

Biomass is organic non-fossil material of biological origin, from a wide range of sources. The biomass heating fuels used by Energy Innovations’ systems are primarily wood chip, wood pellet, chicken litter, with some running on arboricultural products.

Biomass offers an environmentally-friendly heating fuel which can provide up to 90% efficient, carbon neutral heating for domestic, industrial and district network situations alike. Schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offer financial benefits for the use of biomass for heat, beyond the obvious savings inherent in the lower cost of biomass over fossil fuels.

Energy Innovations can offer advice on how the conversion to a biomass heating system can result not only in environmentally-friendly heating but a more sustainable set of bills for you.

Although biomass and fossil fuels may share the same raw materials, the CO2 and other elements released in the combustion of biomass for heat are already within the relevant carbon cycles, so the environmental balance is maintained and the result is carbon neutral heating.

Carbon Neutral Heating

As biomass heating fuels are broken down or burned, the CO2 absorbed over the life of those plants or trees is released. When sustainably sourced biomass heating fuels are burned, the plants already being grown to produce future stocks of fuel in turn absorb the CO2 produced, through photosynthesis. Provided the source of the biomass heating fuels is sustainable, the combustion of biomass for heat produces no net CO2 emissions at a basic level. This is why biomass heating in a responsibly managed system delivers carbon neutral, eco-friendly heating.

Although the end-product is eco-friendly heating, some net emissions are produced through the boiler manufacturing process and delivery of biomass heating fuels. These vary with circumstance and can be minimised by ensuring the entire system is well designed.

Responsible local fuel sourcing, innovative and intelligent feed systems and an environmentally-friendly approach to the overall installation are all vital in ensuring systems using biomass for heat achieve optimum economy.

Fuel Options

Biomass fuel choices for equipment supplied by Energy Innovations include:

Wood Pellets;
Chicken Litter;